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Feburary Freezer Shoot

The club held a shoot match in Feburary of 2014. We had a great time, lots of sunshine and a fire to keep warm. Here are some pictures to highlight the event that we had.

February Freezer Shoot 2015

The 2015 February Freezer Shoot was well attended and a great time was had by those who attended. The temperature was cold, the wind was blowing but the sun was shining as rounds were sent down range. The match consisited of handgunm shotgun, tactical rifle and sniper rifle. The scores for this year's match are listed to the right.

Steve Roberts     266 secs
Ed C.                  292
Kris Wood.          297
Andrew Bulmer    428
Jack Roberts.      501
Peter Williams.    521
Preston Rae.       683
Erwin L.              685
Kris Miclash.       694
Marty Oberg.       800
George Page.      821
Randy S.            860
Jim Hulagroki.     957
Jacob L.             DNF







New photos will be uploaded soon!!

Junior Shooters

Picutes of the 2014 shooting season and awards.

Junior Shooters 2015

We are having another good year for Junior Shooters in 2015. Pictures of our shooters will be posted on our site throughout the shooting year. We wish to thank Canadian Tire for their generous donation of 20,000 rounds of .22 ammunition to help with keeping this program running. This program helps teach shooters form, safety and markmanship by the coaches who are donating their time to this great program.

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